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Things To Do: Ubud

May 31, 2019 1 min read

Things To Do: Ubud


Ubud is a popular art village in the center of Bali. The area has become popular because of its surrounding natural beauty.  Whether its rice fields like Tegalalang, countless waterfalls, yoga retreats or to hike up to Mount Batur everyone is wowed by the beauty that is there.

Likewise you can also mix that is with some hustle and bustle with a visit in town with a plethora of great shopping boutiques and a great selection of mouth watering eateries.


  1. Waterfall


  1. Monkey Forest


One of the most popular things to do in Ubud is to visit the world famous Monkey Forest. Inside the center of town is a beautiful park, without a fence where there are more monkeys than you poke a banana at. And even if you don’t like the thought of coming face to face with our primate friends then the park itself offers  wonderful respite from the busy streets of the town of Ubud.


  1. Bali Swing


Without a doubt, the most highly sought after photo opportunity in Bali comes courtesy of the island’s famous “Bali Swings”. But it is more than just a great photo shot, it can be quite an exhilarating experience (depends on how hard you swing) and a must-try while on the island.

  1. Fruit Shopping


Indulge yourself in the colours scents and taste of the many fruit vendors in the area.  If the colours of the fruits don’t entice you then the tastes will.  We love the mangosteens the most !!