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Sumberkima Hill

July 13, 2021 1 min read

Sumberkima Hill

Lost in paradise took a road trip to the north of Bali.  We stayed at the Sumberkima Hill resort with 360’ views of the Bali ocean, mountains and volcanos. We explored the platoon islands, chilled with the deer’s on the beach and trekked in the mountains.

At lost in paradise we want everyone to travel, enjoy themselves and do it in great style!

Nick wears : Linen Shirt / Phuket Short / Reckon Headwear

Britanny wears : Hannah Wrap Dress / Amulets Jewelry 

Britanny wears : Willow Halter Top / Amulets Jewelry 

Britanny wears : Freya Shirt / Amulets Jewelry