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A Day With Julia

February 17, 2022 1 min read

A Day With Julia


Meet Julia a Brazilian Island girl living in Bali. We gave Julia a disposable camera to capture her day. She styled herself in her favorite pieces from Lost In Paradise. Sun soaking on Bingin Beach, Surfing in Uluwatu and exploring the island with friends. We asked Julia some Q's to get to know her.

The first thing I do in the morning is...

Take a cold shower and go check the waves!

I would never leave home without…

My dog hahaha she follows my car everywhere so Ii have to take her wherever i go.

My must-have clothing item is a…

cute bikini, definitely!

Julia wears: Masala Knit Top / Zach Knit Long Pants

The one thing I will let myself splurge on…

Good food :)

 I would describe my personal style …

I love clothes that accentuate the feminine body in a simple and casual way.

 The best thing about living in Bali is...

Being surrounded by people that have the same hobbies and lifestyle as me, having a great community around and being able to surf the best waves in the world everyday!

Julia wears: Merkaba Long Dress

My number one fashion inspiration is…
I could say Cindy Crawford back in the days and Valentina Muntoni nowadays. But I'm always looking for vintage references and trying to put it together.
One person I would love to meet would have to be…
Bob Marley.
 Tell us one of your dreams! 
Having my own sailing boat and spend some time traveling around the island!

Julia wears: Playa Playsuit